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Usain Bolt Adopts A Cheetah From Kenya for $13700, Pledged to Pay $3000 Every Year

The fastest man on earth apparently has an incredibly soft heart too. Usain Bolt was a guest on Ellen DeGeneres show to talk about career and love or to be more specific his medals and marriage. Nevertheless, in the episode aired on Tuesday, the Olympic runner let us in on something that most folks do not know; that he has adopted a Cheetah.

Image Credit: IAAF

The Jamaican sprinter, who is the world’s acclaimed fastest runner, has sponsored a cheetah that, ironically, is the fastest animal in the world. In the show, Bolt jokes that he and the cheetah share a connection because he is fast and the cheetah is also fast. He says that for this reason, things have worked out so well between the two that it is even possible for them to train together.

The lively chat between Bolt and Ellen revealed that the Olympic star named the cheetah Lightning Bolt after he adopted it in Kenya while on tour in the country. The three-month-old male cheetah was part of an effort by the Olympic record holder to try and boost the effort by Kenya to boost wildlife conversation. This is because the survival of wildlife in the country has continually been under threat of poaching, trophy hunting, human encroachment, and climate change. Lightning Bolt was one of the three cubs that the Kenya Wildlife Service rescued after being abandoned by their mother in the wild.

Image Credit: ITV

Sources reveal that adopting Lighting Bolt cost the Olympic gold medalist $13700. He also pledged to pay $3000 every year. This money will be used to care for the cub that is currently being raised in Nairobi animal orphanage. Part of the money will also be utilized by the Kenya Wildlife service in its operations of protecting endangered animals within the country.

Just as most of you are impressed, Ellen DeGeneres was equally amazed by the big heart that Bolt showed towards Lighting Bolt. She even went ahead to give Usain Bolt a gift to take to Lightning Bolt. The collar that DeGeneres got for the cub is indeed charming and big just as the big ball of yarn that she got for Lightning Bolt!

As you may have realized, Usain Bolt has such an exciting life. There is quite a lot that he and Ellen DeGeneres talked about on the show. Oh, he even asked Ellen out on a coffee date.

Source [Ellen TV, ITV]

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