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A Crazy Guy Vows to Join Al Shabaab if not Allowed to Join Kenya Army

A man in Nyamira, Kisii County was arrested for accusing KDF recruiters of terrorism. The recruiting procedures are done in different areas at varying time intervals based on the needs put forward by the government. The Kenya Defense recruitment was conducted in Nyamira. The twenty-four-year-old man is said to have threatened to join the Al-Shabaab if the recruiters failed to pick him. These events took place on Friday, September 30th, 2016. The activities were being conducted in Erekenyo, Nyamira County. The man went by the name Alex Maraga Nyamabane and hailed from Nyamusi.

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The man was apprehended by one of the officers who conducted the recruitment exercises at the venue. The news was confirmed about the incident on eDaily by the head of the Kenya Defense recruitment exercise Colonel Victor Mburu in Erekenyo. Further, Joseph Mutende, Nyamira North OCPD said that an investigation would be carried on about Nyambane to arraign him in court. Nyambane must have been frustrated given that he has tried to join KDF in the past without success.

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It has been established that the minimum time served by a convicted terrorist is ten years in Kenya. Therefore, if the case went through in court, Nyambane would serve quite some time that would have been used to better his life in different ways. This is not the first case where some of the youths have pledged allegiance to terrorist groups. Most of the terrorist groups are known to focus on the frustrated young souls by promising them different things. Most of the students undertaking medical courses have been victims. Parents should be keen to note activities carried out by their children.

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There has been a similar incident where women have been recruited in the terrorist groups. A few weeks ago, three women attacked a Mombasa police station. The recruitment began on September 19th and is supposed to extend to October 18th, 2016 across the country. Various reasons were used to scrutinize if the candidates were fit for the task. Some of the factors used to scrutinize include weight, teeth color, diseases, academic results, and punctuality. The KDF spokesman said that some of the recruits were disqualified for their brown teeth. He stated that it is an indication of weak bones caused by high amount of fluorine in their system. This has prevented some of them to performing some military tasking drills.

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