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DMCA/Copyright Issues

As a legal copyright holder or any labeled agent for a related issue, be sure to contact if you believe that the content published on our website interferes with copyright or breaches the terms and provisions enshrined the Fair Use agreement. Reach or send us a comprehensive notice of the copyright infringement through tabloidafrica@gmail.com

We will provide a rejoinder and consider any appropriate action with immediate effect.

If legal notice is issued relating to an alleged defilement of copyright, we will pull down or disable any access to the content(s) in question promptly.

Owners or authors are entitled to the copyright relating to the third party content posted on this site or any part herein. http://www.tabloidafrica.com/ has no legal claim to the copyright regarding such content.


Tabloid Africa (Business Entity), being subject to the copyright infringement under Digital Millennium Copyright Act, espouses the following general policy. The address of the ‘Designated Agent’ is outlined at the end of the policy provisions.

How to Report Copyright Violation

  1. Any physical or electronic mark of an authorized individual representing the copyright owner of the breached material;
  2. Identification of the interfered material or content;
  3. The revelation of the content that the owner or the representative claimed to be breached. the identification should include the location of the published content or materials and comprehensive details that the copyright owner seeks to be deleted so that the company can find and make necessary verifications;
  4. Provide address, telephone, mobile number and/or email address, or the person;
  5. A statement of good faith belief from the person so that it may demonstrate that the material infringes copyright, agent or the relevant law;
  6. A statement envisaged in penalty of perjury to ensure the accuracy of the information as well as the authority of the notification party in launching the complaint in the account of the copyright owner

As soon as the Designated Agent receives suitable Bona Fide Infringement Notification, the company’s policy entails:

  1. Removing or disabling any access to the breaching content or material;
  2. Notifying the content provider, member or intended user about the removal or disabled contact to the material; and
  3. Issue a warning to the content provider, member, or intended users about repeating the offense that may infringe copyright because it could translate to absolute termination of access to the content or related service.

How to Issue a Counter-Notice to the Designated Agent

Any conviction by the content provider, member, or the intended user that the removed or disabled material does not infringe on copyright or holds the right to publish and use the outlined content from the owner, designated agent or pursuant to the law, translate to issuance of a counter-notice detailing the following evidence to the Designated Agent:

  1. Proof of physical or electronic identity of the content provider, member, or intended user;
  2. Revelation of the removed or disabled content or material as well as its location before its removed or disabled accessibility;
  3. A statement of good faith belief from the content provider, member or user containing conviction that the action was due to an error or misidentification of the content; and
  4. The name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the content provider, member or intended user in addition to a statement that the individual or the company approves the Federal Court Jurisdiction within the judicial district of provider’s, member’s or intended user’s location beyond the United States, any judicial district relating to company’s location, and the individual or entity agrees to the service of process from the person who issued the notification of the alleged copyright breach

Once the Designated Agent receives the counter-notice, the company may send a copy of the proper counter-notice to the initial complaining party notifying the individual about the replacement of the removed or disabled content in a maximum of 10 business days. The Company’s hold the discretion to replace or active the material within 10-14 business days or more if the copyright owner does not file any appropriate court action against the content provider, member, or intended user open the receipt of the counter-notice.

You can obtain the Notification of Claimed Infringement for Company by contacting the Designated Agent through tabloidafrica@gmail.com on our Contact Us Page.